Price for all instructors: $70p/h

Full Time

Fiona Smith CFI MEI

Phone: 707-290-4920
Email :

Fiona has been a full time instructor since 1998. Has been the Chief Flight Instructor at Sterling FTC since February 2017. Before that she instructed for 19 years at the Oakland International airport and although she loved teaching out of Oakland she definitely realizes how efficient training is out of the Concord Buchanan Airport with its close proximity to the practice area and its daily VFR weather (no more of Oakland’s daily fog) Concord and Sterling are probably the best airport in the Bay Area to start or continue your aviation dream. Fiona is currently working on adding her Instrument instructor rating.

Ralph Neumeister CFI

Phone: 925-963-6066

Pilot with over 40 years flying experience ( am I really that old ?!) Started flight training in the US Navy in T-43’s (just a few years ago) Flew mostly active duty and reserves in 4 – engine turboprop P-3 Orion, maritime air patrol doing anti-submarine surveillance, search and rescue, and other various missions in support of the US Navy. Also flight and ground instructed in multi engine aircraft in the military. Flew with various airlines , mostly American, for almost 30 years, starting as a B727 flight engineer (what’s an FE) progressing to various copilot and captain positions, domestic and international flight.

Still enjoys all flying and the challenge of flight and ground instruction. Never “too old” to learn and still looking for that “perfect” landing.


Phone: 925-586-0267

A product of Buchanan Field(KCCR) and an active Flight Instructor since 1975

Ed Neffinger CFI CFII MEI

Phone: 732-693-9474

Ed comes from an aviation family, His father was a fighter pilot for the US Army Air Corps in WWII and his brother was an accomplished sailplane pilot. Ed started his aviation career as a line boy in Atlanta, Georgia for a local flight school and FBO. He soon obtained his commercial certificate and CFI, CFII and CFIME.  He went on to fly for several charter and commuter airlines in the Caribbean and the East Coast and eventually flew for airlines in the U.S. and the Pacific. He obtained his CFIG while living in Hawaii and flying for Air Micronesia. He has recently retired and has returned to his general aviation roots. Ed has been actively involved in GA throughout his life, including soaring, racing, and formation flying, building and test flying homebuilts.  He’s an aviation history buff and enjoys reading and talking about warbirds and hitching the occasional warbird ride.

Part Time

Jared Weaver CFI CFII MEI

Phone: 925-787-6193

Jared has worked in the transportation industry for 54 years, over 40 of that in aviation. He has owned flight schools in two states, managed what was then the largest flying club in Utah, was the Assistant Director of Operations for a Part 135 freight airline and an Aviation Safety Inspector for the FAA. Jared holds an ATP pilot certificate; a flight instructor certificate with Airplane Single- and Multi-engine and Instrument-Airplane ratings; and a ground instructor certificate with Basic, Advanced and Instrument ratings. For the past two years, he has taught ground and flight school students at Sterling where he specializes in flight reviews and helping rusty pilots become current again.


Phone: 707-980-1199

  • 30 years as a pilot including 23 years as flight instructor.
  • CFI, CFII, MEI and ATP.
  • 4300 hours total including 1800 multi engine and over 1000 hrs dual given.
  • 787 Technical Instructor at United Airlines.

Roland Williams CFI CFII MEI

Phone: 925-323-3872

Roland Williams has been instructing for the last 20 years. With over 3,600 hours of instruction given, Roland is single and multi-engine rated and is an A&P (AMT in today-speak). He is a retired engineer who mentors a UC Davis electric car design team so is always up for a technical discussion. Roland also holds a General Radio Operators License with a Radar endorsement as well as Amateur Extra. Roland owns an RV-9A and can help with transition training into experimental aircraft.

Tim Machugh CFI CFII MEI

Phone: 925-642-3152

Began flying at KCCR in 1966. Took a 22yr hiatus from aviation and was a Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriff for 25yrs. Returned to aviation in 1999 and became a CFI,CFII,MEI and taught at the Livermore airport full time for 14 yrs and was the Chief Part 141 instructor.