What goes into teaching?

Learning how to fly is not as difficult or as expensive as one might think. At Sterling FTC we pride ourselves in having a comfortable family atmosphere which is conducive to a good learning environment. We employ some of the best, and most knowledgable instructor pilots in the industry today. Our instructor pilots have logged thousands of teaching hours, and have passed hundreds of students on to become proficient pilots. So if your interested in becoming a new pilot, please give us a call to begin working towards your dream today!

Certificates that we offer


All pilots start out as students. With the proper training, the student pilot certificate allows you to work toward the first big milestone in aviation, the solo when your instructor cuts you loose to fly on your own. From here, you earn either your private, recreational, or sport pilot certificate, which will allow you to take one or more passengers for rides.


Most of the pilots in the United States earn a traditional private pilot certificate. It has the fewest limitations and with additional training, can be upgraded to include more advanced capabilities such as flying in bad weather, or flying an airplane with two or more engines.


The recreational pilot certificate is a more limited form of the private certificate. It’s a way to earn your wings if you’ll be flying close to your home airport during the daytime with no more than one passenger. It doesn’t require as much effort or money as the private certificate, but most people who become recreational pilots eventually go on to upgrade to the private certificate.


With extensive training, the instrument rating can be added to the private pilot certificate, which enables you to fly in clouds and bad weather by using references to instruments. Beyond that is the commercial pilot certificate, which enables you to fly-for-hire as well as become a certified flight instructor. At the very highest level is the airline transport pilot certificate. It’s required for airline, corporate, and charter pilots.