About STERLING Flight Training Center

Safety is Our #1 Priority

Sterling Flight Training Center is a unique flight training school. As a division of Sterling Aviation, we have maintenance, avionics and fuel services seamlessly integrated into our overall operation. We address every aspect of equipment services promptly; allowing us top quality, and stellar safety record for the blend of high wing, low wing, standard and high performance aircraft.

Less Expensive

Learning to fly is less expensive than you might think, and at Sterling Flight Training Center you can set your own pace. We recommend for serious training that you fly at least once per week, but your flight lesson scheduling is up to you! Here at Sterling FTC our entire staff is passionate about flying and we strive to share that passion with our students. When you sign up with Sterling, you become apart of the Sterling Aviation family!

Training We Offer

Sterling Flight Training Center offers a wide verity of training. From primary private pilot training to commercial pilot applicants, we get the job done helping you achieve your next goal. Whether you are interested in a private pilot’s license, or you want to go all the way through our commercial pilot program; we will personally tailor your training so that it best suits you.

Sterling FTC uses a multitude of approaches to help our students achieve their next license goal faster, and for less expense. We use the RedBird full motion flight simulator, helping keep the cost of training down while providing a better product to our students. The simulator is for one, less expensive to operate than our aircraft and two; the instructor pilot can initiate training scenarios that would otherwise be unsafe in the actual airplane. This gives the student

Sterling FTC utilizes a full time ground instructor that conducts ground schools for all training levels and is also available for one-on-one instruction. Prior to every checkride, each student goes through no less than five hours of final checkride prep along with self study to ensure they are ready. .